The purpose of your soffit and fascia

Your soffit is the exposed underside surface between your building and roof edge, whereas your fascia is the vertical edge connected to the ends of the roof. During heavy rain and high wind, the system prevents water from blowing into your home or business and stops water from collecting in certain areas. 

As the first line of defense, your soffit and fascia are often the first part of a roof that requires repair or replacement. However, keeping the soffit and fascia in good condition with frequent sealing and caulking can help extend a roof’s lifetime.

Benefits of quality soffit and fascia.

Besides being architectural elements located along the eave area, the soffit and fascia play a critical role in the integrity of a home or business. Together, they keep a building properly ventilated, encourage moisture evaporation and prevent critter problems like bats, birds and squirrels from entering its interior. 

These elements are also a great way to disguise ventilation for an attic and provide a finished look to the exterior of a home or building.

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