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Who We Are

Guided by strong company values, Rainer’s Siding & Roofing continues to expand the operation into a Regional Industry Leader. Under the stewardship of Michael Saarela the company has continued to build on its reputation as a good neighbour, dedicated employer and valued stakeholder to many of the areas finest builders.

Specializing in siding, roofing, eavestrough, soffit, fascia, windows & doors. We only use top quality products from industry leaders, such as Gentek Building Products, Royal Building Produts, VinylBuilt and Spar-Marathon Roofing.

For quality workmanship, competitive pricing, superior customer service and products you can trust, look no further than Rainer’s Siding & Roofing.

Who We Are


Rainer’s Siding takes great pride and care in all of its installations. Every single eavestrough installation begins with a conscientious inspection of eaves, fascia boards and soffits. This is done so there are no surprises during the installation process.

Our seamless eavestroughs are machined on site, thus avoiding the risk of breaking and scratching during shipping and ensure a leak free system.

The materials we use are of the highest quality in Aluminum, Steel and Copper. We offer in a wide range of colors in Aluminum as well as 5” and 6” styles to suit many applications.

Installed with Heavy Duty Hangers or the Trusted Fixa-Tech Leaf Guard System, our eavestroughs can be affixed to any type of roof or building structure.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry and leading edge technology will make your installation superior in quality and appearance. We also make repairs to all kinds; fascia, fascia board soffit.



Our representatives have many years of hands on experience, giving you the comfort of knowing you’re dealing with professionals who know how to solve your home improvement and roofing needs.

Our employees have up to 23 years experience in the industry. Giving you the homeowner peace of mind you’re getting the best possible job. Specializing in residential home improvements we only install top quality home improvement products that have been proven, tested and suited to our climate.

Rainer’s Roofing Team will supply all labour and materials to perform the following work in a professional and workman-like manner:

  • Install roofing to house, garage & shed with asphalt shingles
  • Install metal or unicrete roof
  • Protection of customer’s and neighbor’s property
  • Remove & dispose of existing shingles, metal flashing & such from a roof
  • Inspect and replace roofing boards if necessary at an extra cost
  • Install shingles with the color of your choice
  • Install ice and water shield membrane
  • Install asphalt roofing paper
  • Install one layer of starter shingles along the roof edge
  • Install valley flashing
  • Install drip edge
  • Replace old vents with new ones
  • Chimney
  • Remove installed soffit, fascia, eavestrough and downspouts
  • Skylights
  • Turbine
  • Leaking Repairs
  • Eavestrough cleaning
  • Thorough roof sealing of new roof flashing with high grade caulking
  • Roofing


    You only get one chance to make a first impression. The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see, and the building materials you choose are an important part of a good first impression. Re-siding is a significant investment, and one that will last for many years. Take care to make the right decision about which siding to use on your home, and how to install it.

    Let the siding experts at Rainer’s Siding help you select and install the siding that best meets your needs for function, style and price point.

    The Rainer’s Siding team has selected a variety of siding products from leading manufacturers Gentek®, Royal Building Products® and Maibec® Wood Siding. With the wide range of materials, profiles, finishes and colours we have available, we can help you match any home style and create the look you want.

    We can also help you understand the functionality you need. Siding can play an important role in protecting your home – we can help you select an appropriate product based on your home’s exposure to the elements, the durability you desire and the amount of maintenance effort you want to expend.



    If you are considering the purchase and installation of windows and doors for your home, or business, then you have come to the right place. One call will take care of everything; at Rainer’s Siding, one of our experts will be happy to serve you. Weather it is for new or replacement window and door needs will ensure that you are fully informed when making your decision.

    Providing our customers the best product and most knowledgeable sales staff and door and window installers in the industry, you will quickly experience the piece of mind you deserve.

    New or Replacement Windows and Doors will not only introduce an element of beauty to your home, but they will dramatically increase the energy efficiency, improve your health and reduce the amount of outside noise coming inside your home.